Each artwork within this collection serves as a captivating exploration of spatial manipulation, transforming ordinary rooms into surreal landscapes of visual wonder. In each composition, the artist deftly employs the power of optical illusions to challenge the observer’s sense of depth and perspective. Walls seem to ripple and twist, creating an intriguing dance between the tangible and the illusory.

Vibrant and contrasting colors play a pivotal role in these optical marvels, creating a symphony of hues that intensify the perceptual experience. Bold patterns and intricate designs adorn the surfaces, further amplifying the illusionary effect and adding an element of dynamic movement to the static canvas.

As the eye navigates through the meticulously crafted rooms, hidden surprises and illusions emerge—a staircase that leads both up and down simultaneously, doors that open into alternate dimensions, and impossible architecture that challenges the laws of physics. These optical enigmas serve as both a visual feast and a playful exercise for the mind, encouraging viewers to explore and unravel the mysteries within



  • limited edition of 1 print per artwork (+1 artist’s proof)
  • total 24 pieces
  • labelled/chipped/signed reverse
  • 60 x 90 cm
  • printed on acrylic

Digital Asset

  • 1 NFT each – NFTs are digital assets in their own right, each with its own identifier
  • Rights of Use – Buyers buy the unique artwork as well as all exclusive rights of use

Interested? Send me an email to info@mathiaskniepeiss.com