Embark on a contemplative journey through the mesmerizing collection, “Timeless.” Here, the elusive concept of time unfolds before your eyes, captured in strokes that transcend the ticking hands of clocks and the relentless march of seconds. Each artwork within this series serves as a portal into the intangible realm of temporal introspection, inviting viewers to reflect on their own dance with the ever-elusive concept of time.

In “Time Less” the artist grapples with the paradox of capturing the fleeting nature of time through static visuals. A central theme emerges as the artworks explore the dualities inherent in our relationship with time – moments suspended in eternal stillness, yet perpetually in motion within the confines of the canvas.

A series of interconnected clocks, their hands moving in intricate patterns, adorn another canvas. Each clock represents a facet of our lives—work, play, love, and contemplation. The synchronized yet erratic dance of the clock hands mirrors the complex interplay of moments that shape our personal narratives.

TIME LESS series


  • limited edition of 1 print per artwork (+1 artist’s proof)
  • total 8 pieces
  • labelled/chipped/signed reverse
  • 90 x 60 cm
  • printed on acrylic

Digital Asset

  • 1 NFT each – NFTs are digital assets in their own right, each with its own identifier
  • Rights of Use – Buyers buy the unique artwork as well as all exclusive rights of use

Interested? Send me an email to info@mathiaskniepeiss.com