„Chromatic Canvas I“ is the title of my first digital, hand-painted art bottle series in cooperation with the Italian Prosecco brand Desiderio N1. Geometric characters combined with harmonizing and contrasting colors, create a three-dimensional composition that speaks directly to our subconscious and is intended to convey joie de vivre and lightness. With the help of a digital drawing pad and a pressure-intensive pen, I built up this work on more than 15 layers and drew it by hand over several days.

The artistic idea of the project is not yet complete with the print. „Chromatic Canvas I“ is also intended to be used as a canvas. Building on the design, the bottle can subsequently be painted over (e.g. with acrylic) and thus serve as a basis for further artistic activities, inspire and also unite several artists and their individual styles.


  • Basic design: digitally painted with Adobe
  • additionally painted over by hand with acrylic colors
  • individual pieces
  • signed
  • Size: 10 x 30 cm

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