DIRTY 30´s

The Dirty 30´s series was planned for 4 months and implemented with a team of 9 people and 8 actors 2015 in Vienna/Austria. Inside an original 30s bar 4 one-shot stagings were created during one day full of training, acting, timing and a lot of fun.

Dirty 30´s is a mix fusion of modern photography, live performance and digital painting. The depicted interpretation of history is based on extensive research of various time periods, with the intension of mirroring our present into the past and the past into our present. To achieve this we use the body language of our models, overall composition of the group, colour psychology, made to measure costumes, lavish set designs, real locations, accessories accurate in every detail, modern postproduction and finally, make use of special printing-processes.

  • limited edition of 8 print per artwork (+1 artist’s proof)
  • overall 36 pieces
  • labelled/signed
  • 2 sizes – 100 x 56 cm & 160×90 cm
  • printed on Hahnemühle
  • mounted retro frame

special thanks to the participating artists

costumes: Bettina Dreißger
jewellery: Annemarie Legenstein
make up: Susanne Malik
research: Klaus Koiner
postproduction: Philipp Schulz
assistents: Tobias Lange
making of: Marija Kanizaj
location: Krugers American Bar Vienna
models: Aminata Ötsch, Uschi Koller, Sandra Kases, Helmut Moschek, Franko Albanese, Mario Troiano, Manfred Pschaid & Josef Arnold

Interested? Send me an email to info@mathiaskniepeiss.com