Industry photography is the visual heartbeat of progress, capturing the pulse of innovation and the machinery of evolution. Each photograph becomes a portal into the dynamic landscapes of factories, workshops, and laboratories. Industry photography doesn’t just freeze moments in time; it crystallizes the very essence of growth and transformation. From the sparks of creation to the meticulous craftsmanship, every image tells a story of dedication, precision, and the ceaseless march forward.


The art of industry


Humans Life Industry
  • on behalf of: IV STEIERMARK
  • companies: Knapp AG, Andritz AG, Epcos, AHT, Magna Steyr, XTec, XAL,…


Industry 3.0
  • on behalf of: IV STEIERMARK
  • companies: Pankl Racing, Rosendahl Nextrom, Knapp AG, …


Pankl Racing


Rosendahl Nextrom