Commercial photography is a visual symphony that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. It’s the art of capturing not just images, but stories—where every frame speaks a language of its own. In the realm of commerce, visuals wield unparalleled power, and commercial photography is the maestro orchestrating this visual poetry. It breathes life into brands, turning concepts into captivating realities.


Winter campaign 2023


Miete dein Auto
  • on behalf of: VOGL&CO
  • in cooperation with Diego5
  • models: Anna Sophie & Willi Gabalier
  • location: Graz/Austria


Sounds of Silence
  • on behalf of: SONY
  • in cooperation with boxquadrat
  • make up: Jasmin Simak
  • models: Lis Bird & Alexander Cohen
  • location: Vienna/Austria


Bodypaint Animals








Haute Couture Interior Design


Bicycle campaign
  • on behalf of: LAND OF STYRIA
  • models: Kathrin Messner & Maida Ferizovic
  • location: Austria


Tesla X
  • on behalf of: NEO
  • in cooperation with: boxqaudrat
  • location: Austria


Night of Pleasure


Dirty 30´s
  • on behalf of: SCHULLIN
  • costumes: Bettina Dreißiger
  • make up artist: Sandra Malik
  • jewelry: Annemarie Legenstein
  • models: Ursula Koller & Aminata
  • location: Salzburg/Austria


Red Bull eyewear


Champions League
  • on behalf of: PULS 4
  • model: David Alaba
  • location: Vienna


  • in cooperation with Bernd Lanzer
  • location: Austria


  • on behalf of: Mercedes
  • location: Austria