Through digital painting, I merge traditional craft techniques with innovative technologies to create a fascinating artistic experience. With the help of pressure-sensitive pens on state-of-the-art graphics tablets, a new dimension of creative design opens up to me.

The enormous variety of brush shapes and sizes offers me an almost infinite repertoire of expressive possibilities. Each brushstroke carries the nuances of my hand movement and the print, while the digital canvas always remains immaculate and flexible.

Working on different layers allows me to combine different styles and techniques and overlay layers of properties to create complex and multi-layered works. These three-dimensional artworks are created not only through the illusionary depth of digital representation, but also through the depth of my artistic vision created by the fusion of old and new.

Digital painting allows me to push boundaries while preserving the essence of traditional art forms. It is a process of discovery and innovation where my imagination is fuelled by the infinite possibilities of the digital world.


Based on travel, architecture & industrial photography, I create abstract figures in this digital painting series, which each viewer should recognize and interpret individually.

I deliberately play with the phenomenon of pareidolia. This refers to recognizing supposed faces and familiar beings or objects in things and patterns.

Our brain system processes visual stimuli with their characteristics and puts together a coherent image from the light stimuli. However, the process of perception does not only involve the reception and processing of stimuli. Rather, visual perception is also about recognition. Our brain determines what we see, how we see something and is influenced by implicit assumptions as well as individual experiences.

aRoC series


  • limited edition of 1 print per artwork (+1 artist’s proof)
  • total 28 pieces
  • signed
  • 60 x 90 cm
  • printed on Munken Polar – powered by Gerin

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