• photography: „experience photography“

In times of artificially created images, photography is increasingly becoming a real experience. Exactly this experience is the core and the goal of this workshop. The workshop is a guided „learning by doing“ people & fashion photo workshop in which the participants work out the process of a photo shoot together and have the opportunity to take their own photos at an unusual location.

  • artificial intelligence: „Midjourney Basic course“

This workshop is a guided „learning-by-doing“ basic course in which participants learn how to create artificial images using the text-to-image tool Midjourney.

– How does image creation with artificial intelligence work
– Creating your own Discord server and setting up the bot (AI)
– Getting to know the Discord work environment
– Useful tools and websites for creating images
– Learning how to enter prompts
– Approaching the image target with prompt adjustments
– Keywords and terms to control the image style
– Upscaling the images and tips for further processing


– How does image creation with artificial intelligence work?
– Create your own Discord server and set up the bot (AI)
– Getting to know the Discord working environment
– Useful tools and websites for creating images
– Learn how to enter prompts
– Approaching the image target with prompt adjustments
– Keywords and terms to control the image style
– Upscaling images and tips for further processing


– Source of inspiration: The tool can inspire and lead you into new artistic territory.
– Time saving: Acceleration of creative processes.
– Diverse styles: Midjourney makes it easy to experiment with different artistic styles.
– Enhanced learning: Midjourney is an invaluable learning resource for artists of all levels.
– Creative processes: The stimulus generated can spark new ideas and break through creative stagnation.
– Unleashing creative exploration: Midjourney encourages artists to push the boundaries of their creativity.

  • artificial intelligence: „Midjourney & photography“

This workshop is a guided „learning by doing“ AI & photography workshop. Together we will develop a concept for the combination of AI & photography. Then we will use Midjourney to generate suitable backgrounds and photograph products or models in the studio specifically for the concept. Finally, we will combine these two elements to create a finished work.


Part 1 Joint planning of a finished work – The right approach & process
Part 2 Creating the backgrounds with the help of Midjourney – Well thought-out „prompting“ for the upcoming shoot
Part 3 Targeted photo shoot in the studio – Joint image analysis & appropriate lighting
Part 4 Combining photography and AI with the help of Adobe – Post-production processes & completion of the work

Application examples:

– Visualization of ideas & concepts
– Simple & quick product photography
– creative & exciting fashion photography
– extraordinary advertising campaigns
– Images & storytelling for social media

Feedback from participants

– Roland Felber –
„With Mathias, a workshop doesn’t mean that the participant just looks over the professional’s shoulder, but that they plan a photo shoot together with the professional and are allowed to do it themselves, while being coached by Mathias and receiving valuable tips. I particularly liked the structured approach to the photo shoot. Mathias showed me that planning is an essential part of a production, which can make or break everything and has a significant influence on the result.“

– Lucas Hammerer –
„Workshops with Mathias are very inspiring and instructive. He is an enthusiastic teacher and photographer with the ability to focus on the human element and combine the many facets of photography.“

– Markus Pasa –
„What impressed me were the different approaches, how do I approach a shoot, what do I have to consider, what do I have to prepare, how do I interact with the model, which one do I take and the most important thing for me that day…always be flexible.“

– Viktoria Veitl –
„It was a great experience! Even with my beginner’s knowledge, I got on well and had the opportunity to try out lots of new things!“

– Johannes Singer –
„He explained clearly and comprehensibly what was important: viewing the location in advance, choosing the right model, lighting etc.. He answered every photographic question he was asked – as a professional photographer for many years – very satisfactorily. Simply great!!!“

– Sonja Kaufmann –
„Mathias‘ Midjourney introductory workshop was great for me as a beginner. We were familiarized with all the essential details, from setting up the system to creating our first works. His competent and patient response to all the concerns of the very heterogeneous group was commendable. I was particularly impressed by the fact that Matthias is an experienced photographer and illustrated the link with Photoshop very well. I will certainly attend more of his workshops.“

– Armin Woworsky –
„The Midjourney workshop with Mathias Kniepeiss was excellent. The perfect combination of theory and practice, coupled with a relaxed atmosphere, made my first real steps with Midjourney effective, enjoyable and educational. Mathias is a knowledgeable leader who imparts his knowledge in a clear and engaging way, and the whole experience was not limited to Midjourney. Highly recommended for anyone looking to expand their skills.“

– Manfred Gruber –
„I would like to thank you very much for the inspiring Midjourney lecture. Mathias impressed me with his profound and up-to-date specialist knowledge and his ability to present the complex topic in an exciting and likeable way. I learned a lot and look forward to future workshops.“

– Fotostudio Mank –
„Midjourney, Discord and Artificial Intelligence, which initially sounded a bit like a „Spanish village“ to me, Mathias managed to turn into a totally exciting playground in just one day with the patience of an angel and a huge amount of input at the same time. I often leave workshops with the feeling „I’m still confused, but at a higher level“, but after the workshop with Mathias it was just „wow, it’s not as difficult as I thought – when someone explains it so well“.


2024 – Vienna/Austria – „Midjourney & Photography“ Workshop in cooperation with boxquadrat
2024 – Graz/Austria – „Experience Photography“ Workshop for the Styrian Photographers Guild
2024 – Graz/Austria – „Midjourney Basic Course“ at Foto Köberl
2024 – Graz/Austria – Photography Basics for the Chamber of Agriculture Styria
2024 – Vienna/Austria – Basic Course Midjourney at Digitalstore Vienna
2023 – Graz/Austria – „Experience Photography“ at Foto Köberl
2023 – Olten/Switzerland – Costume Workshop at IPFO in cooperation with Sony
2023 – Vienna/Austria – „Experience Photography“ at United Camera Vienna in cooperation with Sony
2023 – St.Pölten/Austria – „Experience Photography“ at Foto Straub in cooperation with Sony
2022 – Graz/Austria – „Experience Photography“ at Foto Köberl in cooperation with Sony
2022 – Vösendorf/Austria – Fashion Workshop at Photoadventure in cooperation with Sony
2022 – Graz/Austria – in cooperation with „Klanglicht“ the art festival
2022 – Baden/Austria – Fashion Show at the Arnulf Rainer Museum Baden in cooperation with Sony & Hartlauer
2020 – Graz/Austria – Stunt Show at AVBaby Media Studio in cooperation with the team of opera „Turandot“
2020 – Graz/Austria – Stunt Show in cooperation with Faircheck
2019 – Zürich/Switzerland – Stunt Show at Light & Byte in cooperation with Sony
2019 – Vienna/Austria –  Stunt Show at Theater am Spittelberg in cooperation with Sony & Digitalstore Vienna
2019 – Salzburg/Austria – Stunt Show at Panzerhalle Salzburg in cooperation with Sony & Kücher Digitale Welt
2019 – Graz/Austria – Stunt Show at Media Markt in cooperation with Sony
2018 – Graz/Austria – Stunt Workshop at AVBaby Media Studios in cooperation with Stunt-Factory

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