Reportage photography is the art of freezing time, encapsulating the essence of a moment, and telling stories that resonate across generations. It’s the pursuit of the perfect instant, where the lens becomes a storyteller, weaving narratives with each frame. In this genre, authenticity reigns supreme as reportage photographers navigate the fluidity of life, capturing genuine emotions and unscripted scenes. Every image is a chapter, revealing a slice of reality that transcends words.




Opera Turandot




Stift Rein


Ninja Warrior Austria 1 & 2


Life Ball 2010-2012
  • in behalf of Getty Images & the Life Ball Organisation Team
  • The Life Ball in Vienna was the largest charity event in Europe for people infected with HIV and suffering from AIDS.


World Bodypaint Festival 2010 & 2011
  • in behalf of Getty Images
  • This festival chooses the world champions in various categories of body painting


Sebastian Vettel on Hawaii
  • in behalf of Red Bull Racing
  • Cruising around Hawaii with 4 times F1 champion Sebastian Vettel


Airpower 2011


Armor for the Swiss Guard
  • in behalf of Getty Images
  • Schmiede Schmidberger produces the armor of the Swiss Guard in the Vatican