The opera „Turnadot“ by Giacomo Puccini. The mysterious Princess Turandot requires any man who wishes to propose to herand thus sit on the throne next to her, to solve three riddles. When a namelessprince solves the diabolical riddle, he asks the restive princess a riddle himself: She shall call him his name. Turandot imposes a ban on her people not to sleepuntil the stranger’s name is found. With „Nobody shall sleep – Nessun dorma!“ Giacomo Puccini succeeded in producing one of the most popular arias in operaliterature. Puccini‘s glistening and mysteriously jagged sounds find their idealecho in the rugged rocky landscape of the St. Margarethen Quarry.

Director: Thaddeus Strassberger
Set Designer:
Paul Tate DePoo III
Costume Designer:
Giuseppe Palella
Lighting Designer:
Driscoll Otto / Jax Messenger